Ashwagandha, Baby!

Oh yeah!  Ashwgandha has been known for centuries as an aphrodisiac and an “anti-aging” supplement and that’s why it is on my Body Luminous A List!

Ashwagandhahappyhealthy-womanAthlete Eating an Apple

Ashwagandha is an herbal supplement that actually has FDA approval and that’s good news!. This herb which is found as a wild plant throughout the Mediterranean and Africa is also commercially farmed in India. The roots of this plant provide the valuable benefit, housing a number of immune boosting, free radical fighting antioxidants.

Although not widely studied, there is a large demand world wide for this herb- which is sold as an extract in pill or capsule form. My guess is that its popularity is due to its signature date night enhancing qualities – especially as we ride the some times slippery slope into our sixties and beyond!  Bring on the Rejuvenator!


But seriously, It has been shown to potentially have great health benefits ranging from joint cartilage protection to anxiety relief, inhibition of tumor growth and even normalization of blood sugar as it relates to Type 2 Diabetes.

Isn’t that great?  It makes you healthier and horny!  This is a no-brainer, really. Just reading this makes me less anxious!

Ashwagandha is regarded as an adaptogen – a type of herb said to strengthen your resistance to stress while enhancing your energy – which makes it a “two-fer”  Who doesn’t like a “two-fer”?

Here is a short list of conditions that this A Lister is used to treat:

  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • pain
  • fatigue
  • gastrointestinal disorders
  • skin infections
  • epilepsy
  • tumor growth
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • sexual dysfunction
  • inflammation

Another benefit that this super-food offers to the menopausal and post menopausal goddesses out there who are pissed off that sex – even when they want it – is sometimes painful – is that it has been shown to reduce  dryness and pain “down unda”.

Julie Daniluk is one of my favorite health-foodie superheroes – she rocks it as a food-for-healing nutritionist missionary!  She was a guest on Soul Luminous Radio and big inspiration and resource for my Body Luminous Detox Coaching.  If you want to learn more about supplements and decreasing inflammation – she has 2 incredible books that are my sacred manuals : Slimming Meals That Heal and Meals That Heal Inflammation.

If you want to read more surfing the web – here are 2 resources to further your exploration into this intriguing supplement!

People ask me if I take this supplement and the answer is a fist pumping “yes”!

Here’s to having a great Saturday night!  Ashwagandha, baby!


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When bad things happen….Who am I?

When something bad happens you have 3 choices

Yes – “bad” things have happened to me – they’ve happened to everyone!  That’s life right?  Shit happens.  It never ends.  Is that it, though?  Is THAT life?    Are we to surrender our perspective to living the infinite flat line of acceptance that “life throws its punches”…”bad things happen to good people”….”only the good die young”……”life is a struggle” and “the battle never ends”?

I don’t think so…not this girl, anyway.

I’m going to tell you what most people don’t know about me. I’ve been afraid a lot in my life.  I’ve wanted to give up.  At times I’ve wanted to die.

Years ago I went through a divorce, a heart breaking betrayal of everything I believed in, that nearly crippled me – emotionally and financially.  I lost so much weight that people thought I was dying of cancer.  I had no concept of my starved state – I had no concept of myself.  It wasn’t that I had no appetite – I just ….couldn’t  swallow….who I was…unlovable, unworthy…. unattractive….alone.  At that point, I had one decision to make.


I spent many years doubting myself.  I was afraid to disappoint people.  I carried a lot of shame. But no one knew…after all, I had built a successful business from nothing.  I had a strong mind and a clear vision.  I was pretty and positive and motivating.  I married again, divorced again and continued growing my business,  realizing my dream, only to find myself working harder and harder because that’s what good  people do.  Good people pay back – they give of themselves – they make it work – they take care of people.  Everyone loves an  honest hard-working person they can trust.

I had many  who believed in me – but at a very profound and intimate level I did not believe in myself because I had no idea who I was other than I was a “do-er” – a producer – one who sacrificed free time to work,  to clients, to meeting my financial commitment.  Looking back I can see I was more passionate about doing it all alone – to prove that I could do it all. To not disappoint was the desperate fuel to my sputtering engine. I made decisions that ran directly contrary to my inner guidance, incurring great debt  at a monumental expense.

There was an unconscious rule I lived by –  I could give but I could NOT receive – I could only borrow with compound interest and  a hefty penalty. I borrowed heavily from my private reservoir of stamina, determination and fear, investing it in the same paralyzing formula.

Of course there came the day – another great collapse amidst an earthquake of betrayal – that again left me stunned and staggering.  Here I was once more.  I lost everything. 30 years of hard work evaporated as I turned the key in the lock. I had nothing left but one decision.

So here I am sharing this with you.  Why?  Because it’s important.  The piercing bookends of these experiences are not the betrayals but the decisions I had to make within them.  Each decision started with one question;  Who am I?  Am I a person who gives up or a person who goes on? Am I a person at the mercy of anything other than my own decisions?

That one question, Who am I?, at each pivotal moment unwittingly precipitated a programmed daily search of curious whispers, urgent scrutiny, tearful inquiries, nosy investigations and meddlesome introspection. Although this unconscious automatic processing  often confused me, it ironically provoked me to more consciously refine my inner search.  In time I found myself stumbling into moments of clarity and purpose through trial and error.

Who am I? My answers are different today than they were 30 years ago.  They are different today than they were last year. It’s not so much that I’ve changed – it’s that I know myself better and appreciate who I am more. I define myself less by what I do and more by how I feel.  I  move toward what I want to experience and away from what I don’t.

It’s not easy – but it is a simple concept.


At the beginning of this blog I posted this quote:”When something bad happens, you have 3 choices.  You can either let it define you, you can let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.”

I am not so sure I agree with this….What is “something bad”?  Personally, I think it is a call to action – a raised sword by an all-knowing Universe with a Mona Lisa smile – an intriguing invitation to discover who you really are.  The raised sword can destroy all of you or just the parts that don’t serve you anymore but it all rests on whether you respond or not.

This trilogy of choices demands that we choose not one but all 3 and we do this by answering the challenge.  Now the question is How will you answer your challenge?

Anyway you look at it – in some way your answer, how you respond  –  will  simultaneously define, destroy and strengthen something within you. And if you’re like me…and don’t quite get it right at first…the challenge will haunt you – or more accurately – your response will haunt you until you choose right.  You always get a do-over.  You get to choose again and again and again!

Know this – when you choose right – you are standing in your own truth.  When you choose right – you correct the past and collapse time.  When you choose right, you do less and experience more. When you choose right, your life harmonizes, you feel vital, alive and on purpose.  When you choose right, miracles happen!

Also know this – you can always make it right.  Always.

Shining gratitude to every single challenge in my life,  behind me and ahead of me,


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I love to share the love!

Happy High Five!


Answer Me This….What Do You Do, Michelle, When you Get Thrown Off Track?

Developing a healthy mentoring relationshipinvolves asking key ...Today I received an email from a client of mine – one who has put her heart and soul into doing the work  for her body, her mind and her spirit…a beautiful woman who, like all of us, wants to do better than survive, who soulfully desires to take more steps forward rather than back, and who, thankfully, is courageous enough to reach out and ask when she’s sensing the slippery insinuation of overwhelm and it’s cunning caravan of gremlins. She wrote to me this……

.“When my mind is clear and I am patient and take time… to be mindful, then I am good….but when I get cluttered with excess –  like too many responsibilities, commitments or things have become unorganized –  I cannot seem to find my way to the top. I am not able to clearly set boundaries for myself yet to steer clear of the excess stress that seems to pile on. Being patient and mindful sometimes feels overwhelming like I’ll never get anything accomplished in a timely manner…..Which then made me think about you, my guide….what are your RDP’s? I know we each have our own but I wondered what yours look like and how you approach them and how you handle and think about each and where you too fall off at times and why.”

Help Each Other Quotes. I believe the world is one big family, and we ...

For the record – each person I work with must create their own RDP or Relentless Daily Practice as a means to their “goal”, desired outcome, or expanded state of being.  This RDP is absolutely necessary and it MUST be present and enacted within the scope of living each day.  It is comprised of these elements:  Exercise or Movement, Meditation, Journal-ling, Clean Whole Food, and Conscious Awareness.   A Relentless Daily Practice is at once both a dedicated discipline and a sacred ritual.  It is as necessary and effective as brushing your teeth is to a clean and healthy mouth AND,  just as one powerful random brushing doesn’t yield sweet breath and pearly whites, a sporadically applied RDP doesn’t support anything but a watered down version of your dream.

Now to honor her 1st question….What is my RDP?

I am no stranger to “adversity” or the “WTF” challenges that the Universe lobs into our path as necessary to our growth.  In other words, I know stress – painful, fearful “I don’t know how I’m going to survive this”  kind of stress.  I am also all too familiar with the demands of everyday life – with family, career, relationships, finances – Yep.  Having said that, I am absolutely dedicated to my RDP in anyone of its multiple forms….each version embracing the same potent elements, yet at times expressed as an inevitable amalgamation of urgent daily priorities and truncated fused practices.

So – My RDP at times looks like this:

  • Exercise – 60-120 minutes of hiking, strength training, outdoors…..yes!
  • Journal-ling – 10-20 minutes – Gratitude, Intending my day, relaxing into my gratitude…
  • Meditation – 10-20 minutes – Guided and relishing the space I feel…
  • Clean Food – Perfect Choices! Energetic – feeling great!
  • Awareness – Re-align and re-calibrate as the day progresses resulting in no stress!

At other times it looks like this:

  • Exercise – Foam roller and stretches in between phone calls for clients. Ouch! Sore muscles….Phone rings..
  • Journal –  – 2 interrupted minutes with coffee- due to my “need” to watch the Weather Channel and my son talking to me about something hat’s upset him.
  • Meditation – Oops! I forgot….. I go pee  then do  “3 Breath Mediation” which consists of 3 deep breaths and the sound “Ahhh”…all in the bathroom….
  • Clean Food Choices- mixed in with pretzels because I didn’t shop and my son left them on the counter and I waited too long to eat.
  • Awareness – Perfectly cognizant that I am not wanting to re-align as my day seems to fall victim to some identified malevolent force. I would rather complain and I do.  I can’t stand how I sound and I start to judge myself for complaining. Then my real awareness kicks in and I say “Whoa!  Take a 3 Breath Mediation”.  I persist in resisting, although I’m aware – then I start laughing and I sit down and do a  “One Breath Mediation” and pour myself a glass of wine.

Sometimes I miss a component of my RDP – for instance, today I did not journal, but I took my clients idea and intended my day on my schedule (Yes – I’m LOW tech on this – a big bad paper book Day Planner!).  Yesterday I wanted a nice long guided meditation, but I had an influx of new clients so I opted for a moderate walk with a free flowing mindfulness meditation.  Next week when I travel, my RDP will include walking around the city and shopping as my exercise, perhaps a massage as my meditation and wonderful dinner out at a farm to table restaurant where I will request a paper menu and jot down some creative gratitude enhanced by a glass or 2 of buttery-oaken chardonnay.

In answer to the 2nd question – what get’s in my way – how and why do I fall short?

When I become too attached to all my “doing” and perceive doing and producing by way of  over-committing as more important to my goals than my RDP…When I allow one of those “people” into my energy and find myself acting to “mollify a potential outcome”.  In other words – I make a total compromise of values and boundaries, reacting to some scenario I have made up in my head with my body held hostage, creating immediate physical and emotional distress….When I “find” that money is short and I react by focusing on simply paying the bills to survive…All of this doesn’t just get in my way…..I allow it to become part of my reality.  I invite it in with some old belief or pattern that somehow became triggered…and I unintentionally create from there…not so good…

I “fall short” of my RDP when I make a choice not to do part or all of it because I have become victim to external circumstance.  I may eat potato chips because some “insensitive idiot” put them in front of my nose or on my plate…..I might watch stupid movies because “I’m no good at the tech end of setting up my email” and leave no time for my workout….I sometimes procrastinate when I’m expecting an inevitable undesirable outcome and find that I have no food for dinner….I pick an argument or criticize…I may feel sorry for myself and point a finger in blame and then make the excuse that meditation won’t help….

I fall short occasionally because I’m human….but also, amidst this chaos of compromise, I still desire more of life and of myself.  I don’t like how I feel when I wander from my RDP – when I compromise or sabotage or lose touch with my own personal power.  But I do get something in return for this experience this tired exploration into familiar barren lands that bear little fruit.  I get contrast.  This contrast of experiencing, being, and creating what I don’t want sharpens my awareness and brings clarity and energy to what I do want  From this clarity – I one more time become focused, motivated, and I re-align and modify – enhance my choices, play around with alternatives, explore what it would feel like if.….In doing this – not resisting but allowing – not comparing but accepting, I find my self creating from a much lighter and happier place.

The guidance is this:  Be your best in any situation at any moment. Be aware.  Re-align and re-calibrate often. Balance your energy by taking notice of how you feel and discover how –  at any time you can nurture yourself through any wonderful adaptive version of your RDP.  Most importantly, forgive your self for trying to be perfect.

Throw away the trying – you are, I am, we all are….in this moment, perfect.

In the sacred blessed greeting of the Brahma Kumaris,

Om Shanti!

With love to you from me…..Michelle Rober

“A Moment” – Presented by: A Conspiring Universe

“Hey!  Happy birthday!”

Heart in HandsShe thanked me, sharing the plans of her celebration for the evening.  Then she  asked me how I was doing.

“I’m…”I’m…..having a moment….here and there…but I’m doing good.  Yeah…I’m really feeling good.  It’s been a good day.”  The beginning of my answer sounded like a squeaky new marker on virgin white paper….a very distinctive sound – with a signature aroma – new..but not real…or not natural at least.  I had called to wish my sister a happy birthday and found myself captive within her intuitive compassionate radar – a direct hit on a low vibration.  Violation – here’s your ticket.

But “catching me” wasn’t her intention – nor was it mine to seek solace in “one of those moments”.  I didn’t know the moment was there. I simply called her because I love her. It was  a moment of happy inspiration to personally deliver a birthday hug over the phone to my sister who has become my best friend.

The latter part of my answer, as I winced at  my constricting throat and magic marker voice, settled into awareness of the gift she offered in that one gentle provocative question… allowing the tension of my vocal cords to relax and the truth of my response to expand. I felt good by the end of the answer.

There it is.  Right there.  A conspiring universe.  I called from love to love and got more love.  If I had called out of obligation  – that particular moment would not have existed.  If she had asked the question with the intent of trying to pull me from the discomfort of  “my moment”  – the gift would not have occurred.

With the expression of one “Happy birthday” and the answering of one simple question, I experienced the sweet and savory of the human experience – pain and joy – resistance and allowing – sorrow and gratitude –  all within the soul nurturing expanse of “a moment” provided by a conspiring universe.

Happy Birthday Corrine…Thank you.


Why Am I So Blind….

clouds_in_the_sky_1_1920x1080Why am I so blind when I know what I must do?

Why do I feel trapped when I know I’m free….Why do I feel weak in the knees when I know I’m strong?

To what voice am I responding….what oppression do I suffer….what nameless entity screams so loud I scurry to please it without thinking….?

This veiled assailant who never leaves and never tires…is with me because it is familiar, summoned by fear and encouraged by indecision to continue it’s painful paradoxical litany……it is a voice which remains righteously anonymous and curiously unsatisfied.

There is something there, though…in that voice hungering to restrain me….which at times quickens something more within me…is it desire?


No… desire, not strong enough on it own, easily succumbs to deleterious distraction. Desire is a purgatory…a state of wanting and not having…consumed tepid by the voice’s cool malignant indifference to it... and with a silent skulking desperation before it becomes ignited by something more.

Something more….what is that something more?  Where is that something more?

It is within me…more than desire itself….yet gratefully awakened by it’s existence… divinely complemented by the signature irony of the universe.

I am that something more…it is me…just me…wanting to feel my genius and my joy…yes, just me…wanting to be my genius and my joy… enough now that I am willing...not merely wanting to speak back, retaliate or defend what is mine –  but willing simply to be.  I have nothing…I am all that I need….I am just me.


Yes…sometimes I feel blind, trapped and weak in the knees…a prisoner by default despite all that I know….Yes….just being me, I am vulnerable…I am different….I am scared….and I am human.

Now… I am choosing to take a deep breath…and another…and another…allowing space…releasing the damn….feeling the fear flow through me…diluting the delirium…hydrating my thirsty spirit…..curiously cleansing my soul with that which I perceived as a poison which if allowed might overcome me.  Yet here I am.

I do this…as much as I can….as much as I find myself willing…until…yes….I can see again…I find my way back home… I am free….I am strong….I am here…I am happy, and for this precious moment, I am at peace with all that I am.

Shine Brightly,


Ditch Counting Calories & Discover the Secrets of Transformational Weight Loss

quotescoverYourBody-PNG-31Ok, I hear you!  You want to lose weight and nothing is working.  You are sick and tired of being sick and tired and your mind is numb from information overload.Which diet, which workout program, which supplements are best for my aching and aging body? Am I forever doomed to feel this way?  Am I too old, too broken? And NOW you see this term “transformational weight loss” and you are both furious and curious as you find yourself asking the inevitable question – the one which you very well know could lead you right back to dazed and confused and still stuck in your fat pants. Am I  right? Well…I’m promising you – this is different. 

I will make it clear for you now, but first, put down that packet of artificial sweetener and toss your Weight Watchers muffin in the trash.  Clear your counter of  magazines pregnant with articles that “teach” you to love your curves while feeding you images of the impossibly young and thin. Turn off the the TV – granola bars are not health food!  Marie Osmond gained back the weight! AGAIN!

You’re OK. Stop your own suffering now by picking up a hot cup of Joe – sweeten it with honey and cream and enjoy this feast of secrets. It’s time.

First – what is Transformational Weight Loss? Transformational weight loss is the spontaneous experience of the body actually becoming  lighter through the alignment of your thoughts, your beliefs and your actions. Transformational weight loss is the result of self-acceptance and the desire and commitment to live a more vibrant life.  Too vague, right?  Too metaphysical?  I didn’t even say a thing about getting skinny. You want to get back to counting calories, don’t you?  Well – GO AHEAD!  How is that working for you anyway?  Are you losing weight and keeping it off?  Are you having fun…being hungry?  Is your energy skyrocketing and your joy of living expanding with each anemic meal you eat?  Read on….please….I am going to illustrate what I mean.

I just finished up with my latest Body Luminous 8 Week Weight Loss Detox Coaching Intensive and each one of these incredible women experienced what I am talking about. I know the title makes it sounds  like it’s a lot of work – and “detox” – conjures up images of fasting and green smoothies.  It was NOT that at all.  In fact – they detoxed with great food – and plenty of it. The number one goal of this group was plan sustainability. They wanted a solution to the problem for life. They wanted to lose the weight and KEEP it off.  Here’s the secret: their weight loss – (collectively they lost over 60 pounds in 8 weeks) – was directly tied to changing their thoughts and beliefs.  What beliefs?  The limiting ones. The ones that drive the choices about everything!  What keeps you from experiencing sustainable weight loss is the the heaviness of thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you.  I’m going to give you one of those limiting beliefs served on a silver platter….read on.

“To lose weight, I simply need to restrict my calories”.  Wrong!  You need to choose the foods that nourish your body. It is far less about the calories and far more about where those calories are coming from.  If you can’t lose weight by reducing calories – its because you are choosing wrong AND you are stressing your poor body out.  It doesn’t trust you! You are starving it of both nutrition and energy.  In response, it becomes a lethargic, bitter, stressed out, fat storing machine that is wondering WHY is this happening? Next – it becomes disillusioned and diseased.  It becomes out of balance.  It stops healing and starts its dysfunction – all reinforced and perpetrated by the one belief that the reason why you gained weight was simply because you ate too much.  Nope.  It’s WHY you ate what you did.  Here’s another one of those limiting on.

“I’m too old. The weight will never come off now.”  What? I’ll tell you whats old – THAT belief is OLD! Throw that in the trash with your Jenny Craig meals.  Does your age play a role?  Yes – but not necessarily how you might think.  I’m in my fifties – in the throws of menopause and I feel great!  Why?  Not because I was born that way – no. I realized that I was feeling really crappy a lot- despite all of my work outs, my healthy eating, and my lifestyle as a professional in health and fitness.  My recovery was lacking, my energy was low, I had gained weight and I was not happy.  Everything I believed was being challenged. What I was doing was no longer working for me. I looked for answers and I found out that I WAS DOING IT ALL WRONG!  Here’s the key – our bodies are forever changing and very dynamic.  Our bodies respond to the food that we eat and the thoughts that we think.  In order for me to feel better – to get my energy back – to lose those few pounds – I needed to change what I believed.  But how? I will tell you how. Research.  Education. Testing.  Curiosity.  Desire. A willingness to look at things differently.  BINGO!

What did I find out?  I found out that I needed to calm my body down.  I needed to calm my mind.  I needed to detox from  not only  pesticides and processed “health food”, but from my “Talk-Sick”.  It was essential that I stop being angry at my body for betraying me – for not living by the old rules of exercise and diet.  The repetitive diet of toxic food and “talk-sick” thought was inflammatory – so much so that no matter how much I exercised and how low I tried to take my calories – I could not get lighter or leaner.

What did I do?  I detoxed with wonderful delicious food – and I stopped my “talk-sick” thoughts and beliefs.I developed a whole program – which I put myself through – and then my many clients – which is based on ground breaking work by the leaders in the new age of health, fitness and spirituality.  I interviewed THESE PEOPLE.  How?  In my search for answers – in my process of discovery, I realized I wanted to do more – to help more people.  So I created Soul Luminous Radio as a part of Soul Luminous Coaching – and voila!  Now, you’re probably saying…”Oh, right.  She has the connections – she has the money…”  Nope.  I had neither. In fact I was dead broke, but that’s a whole other part of this wonderful and amazing journey.  I did have one thing, however.  I had the desire and the belief – the burning desire to help other people – like me – find a way to heal their bodies back to truth, AND in doing this – I had the knowing that I had created a whole NEW PARADIGM for weight loss by integrating body, mind and spirit.

Now what?  Well for me – I would love to help you. For you – it’s about taking that first step toward what I’m talking about and I urge you to visit and at the very least sign up for my newsletter! Take a look around the website – listen to my interviews – it’s all free – right there for you to start becoming inspired.  It’s not easy to change your beliefs – like most people – you probably don’t even know what’s running in the background driving your behavior and your choices. Don’t you think it’s time to find out?  Becoming lighter, leaner and luminous is just a click away.

Want to Lose Weight? Go Heavy on Getting Real with What You Want and Why

Do you really want to be the biggest loser…or do you you want to become lighter, leaner and more healthy? 

Do you want to burn calories and weigh less or do you want a body that is thriving and balanced?  Do you want the scale to be the barometer of your happiness, the calorie to govern your food choices and the size of your jeans to regulate your degree of self confidence?

The most recent “revealing” articles on the weight loss and “metabolic” demise of The Biggest Losers show us more than the network’s voracious appetite  for ratings AND the utter failure in the sustainability of quick dramatic weight loss. It presents in stunning detail the raw emotion of regret, the vertigo of betrayal and the sad consequence misguided focus.

The whole idea of “losing weight” as a singular goal unattached to anything else as the the ultimate salvation for self esteem, relationships and happiness is wrong.  It is a breeder of bad relationships – with food, our bodies and how we live.  This perspective not only disregards the power we have to “create health”, it dismantles it by externalizing our focus and teaching us to quantify our self worth in pounds and sizes.

The Biggest Loser is a great reality show – if you like what isn’t real, sustainable, effective or even remotely good for you – ever.

Severe calorie restriction over the long term (over two or three days) is NOT good for you. Eating prepared and packaged food robs you of health, nutrition and good judgement.  Extreme exercise for the purpose of weight loss IS punishment.  Not having a a loving and healthy relationship with your body, your self – who you are and what you want –  is worthless.

People, if you want to lose weight – if you need to lose weight –  it’s time to get heavy with who you are,  what you want and –  most importantly – WHY.

What makes you tick?  How do you describe yourself?  What words are you using…what are you feeling in your belly…in your head…about your life?  Are you enthusiastic or apathetic?  Are you upbeat or a deadbeat when it comes to stepping up to the “plate”?  Do you feel free or restrained…..Why?  Now is the time to clearly determine what you want and why by embracing who you are and what makes you – YOU.  Begin now and start small…one step at a time…it is a process that is never ending and absolutely invigorating!

Do you like to eat?  Feed your body fresh whole food prepared lovingly and savor it!  This food, if it’s whole and organic, is communicating with your body on a cellular level…feeding good bacteria, generating more balance and synergy… and integrating our “systems” as they become more able over time to efficiently perform their jobs of cellular renewal, repair and function. This is “healing your body back to its own truth” and it allows the imbalance of extra fat weight to be released. Love food.  Love your body.  They are awesome natural resources for you to thrive!

Are you doing what makes you happy or what makes you stressed out?  Do you like your job …your partner…your home… your dog…your self?  Take a moment…breath…walk.   Get curious and  ask yourself some questions about why you want to lose weight.  What will a lighter body “allow” you to do? Is losing weight all that you want?  Do you want more energy – a greater degree of health?  Do you want to hike or go on an adventure?  Do you want to keep up with your kids or grand kids?  Do you want a happier life…an easier way of living?  These questions, when answered honestly, are as important and effective to weight loss as the food you eat and the exercise you do. Create a relationship with your goal…and the practice it takes to realize it.  It’s one of the best relationships you’ll ever have!

Now…I know that this would NOT be anything but  total bust as a reality show!  However – I would like to know, on the stage of your life – where you are both the star and the most important spectator….where you reap the rewards but not the ratings (cuz who cares, right?), where you live everyday  determining the quality and the sustainability of your health and happiness….Do you still want to be the biggest loser?

I invite you to comment…visit me at…and interact with me!  I love helping people re-discover their own power and sense of self…beginning right now with the body and the mind….and what your soul is calling you toward!  I would love to work with you.  It’s a wild and wonderful ride!

Giddy Up!




The Ultimate Feedback Machine…What is Your Body Telling You and Are You Listening?

Body-Back_sepiaEverything is expressed through the body… is the ultimate feedback machine!  It speaks to us every single second of the day – it calibrates, senses, aligns, protects, reads, feels, urges, adapts, evolves and obeys the ancient primordial law of survival no matter what.

It persists – without question – an infinite commission which operates far beyond any willful commitment our intellectual mind could make .  It does not rely on comfort – it simply is programmed to go on – to live.

It is imbued with systems, mechanisms and intuitive operations that have a power so formidable – even our greatest minds are still just skimming the surface of understanding this complex intricate miracle –  a micro-universe of intelligence, existence and persistence.

But there’s one more thing….  The body is also is the servant to the mind……..what we say….what we perceive….what we believe…..So if we stay just in our heads…

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The Ultimate Feedback Machine…What is Your Body Telling You and Are You Listening?

Body-Back_sepiaEverything is expressed through the body… is the ultimate feedback machine!  It speaks to us every single second of the day – it calibrates, senses, aligns, protects, reads, feels, urges, adapts, evolves and obeys the ancient primordial law of survival no matter what.

It persists – without question – an infinite commission which operates far beyond any willful commitment our intellectual mind could make .  It does not rely on comfort – it simply is programmed to go on – to live.

It is imbued with systems, mechanisms and intuitive operations that have a power so formidable – even our greatest minds are still just skimming the surface of understanding this complex intricate miracle –  a micro-universe of intelligence, existence and persistence.

But there’s one more thing….  The body is also is the servant to the mind……..what we say….what we perceive….what we believe…..So if we stay just in our heads without paying attention to the unique physical and energetic language of the body…if we question with intellect only and ignore what our body is communicating….we are in for a big struggle.


So – how do I understand how my body is communicating and what it’s trying to tell me?

First of all remember this one constant – your body does not HAVE an ego.  It responds to what you’re feeding it – the food you eat, the thoughts you have, the choices you make, the company you keep, the rest you get, the climate you live in, the words you speak, the images you perceive real or imagined.  It does not have or exert an opinion – it simply does what it does – always balancing and keeping up the lifelong job of keeping it self alive – adapting moment by moment within the scope of its primordial programming in virtually any circumstance.

Let’s talk about being over weight.  Obesity is our modern day epidemic. 70% of American adults are overweight. One third our nations children are overweight.  One in twenty Americans is 100 pounds over their optimal weight.  I interviewed Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. – cell biologist, health psychologist and NY Times best-selling author of The Plant Plus Diet Solution on Soul Luminous Radio and we addressed these frightening statistics. (You can check out her amazing book – backed by a mountain of research!). She said – “People are used to feeling bad” – referring to our ignorance of our bodies response to the quality of the food that we consume….and add to that –  the quality of the thoughts that we think.

Here’s the deal – I am not preaching about what to eat or what to think –  I am saying pay attention to how your body is responding to what you are you are “feeding” it.  If you are overweight – your body is out of balance. There is too much fat being stored to keep your body optimally healthy.  Your body is saying to you – Hey – I’m storing up a lot of fat here – see?  You can visually see it.  You can see it reflected on the scale, in your clothes and how you feel.  Your blood pressure may rise, you may develop insulin resistance and you may feel more hungry.  This is your body communicating with you in the only way it knows how – by doing what it is wired to do.

Now comes the question of what to do.  Well, you have a few choices.  If you want just to lose weight – you can go on a diet and start exercising, but for many people – this is very confusing and frustrating.  Why?  Because most people delve into this type of solution not even being remotely acquainted with their body at all.

For instance – if you are trying to lose weight and simply cut calories – you will quit at some point because the body does not want to starve – it wants to heal and balance itself.  So simply creating a calorie deficit – with no eye toward the quality of the food being consumed – or being aware of any potential food sensitivities, may indeed end up only distressing the body – causing it to want to store more fat or burn muscle or even – gain weight!

Take a good look and a good feel. Where is your fat being stored?  How old are you? How hungry are you and when?  What are you eating now – exactly and how do you feel after a meal. Do you know your blood sugars?   These are all ways your body communicates to you.  The qualitative and quantitative impact of your choices are physiologically expressed no matter what!

Let’s look at stress – Too much stress over time will be expressed for sure! Your blood pressure reading will tell you right away – as will your heart rate, your breathing, your level of energy and even your ability to focus.

How about diabetes? Type 2 diabetes is your body telling you that you have been  eating far too many processed carbohydrates for a very long time for it to process naturally.

What about IBS, bloating, gas, indigestion? This could be a communication that your gut bacteria is out of whack or you have a food allergy – or are consuming too much of one food – or that your hormone levels are out of balance.

Our choices are motivated not by what we know – but by what we believe – and many of us DO NOT KNOW the beliefs that are running the show.  We all “know what we should do” – yet somehow we can’t or we won’t.

Anxiety is an add-on too!  Any of the above conditions or “physical communications” will provoke anxiety to some degree and this can enhance the symptoms and unfortunately,  actually dismantle our power.

Instead of saying – “I’m stressed” or “I have an anxiety problem” – look at your anxiety for what it is – your body is expressing a fight or flight response.  In “fight or flight” the sympathetic nervous system is on fire  – shutting down the conscious part of the brain and causing you to REACT in response to the belief that it is in inherent and immediate danger.

But what caused the anxiety?  Was it a bounced check or an unfavorable report from your child’s teacher that punctured your peace? Was it your diagnosis of diabetes?   Was it a glass of red wine spilled on a brand new carpet or a fender bender in the parking lot at work? Is your very survival at stake here in this moment or not?

Not identifying the cause and substance of your anxiety leads to repetition of the same response and the same result or worse because with repetition there is momentum.  That’s how depression takes form.

In any of these cases – for whatever symptom or “communication” that has been expressed through your body – know that time is of the essence!  But also know that you have it now – within you power – to turn this ship around!

Within the miracle of your body is an innate healing system which is ignited when you are feeling calm, at peace, content, grateful. It is at your disposal every single day – and it doesn’t cost a dime.  It is available to ALL within every single moment of every single day.

And here’s the kicker – you must “stop doing’ and master “being” by slowing down, taking time to smell the roses and maybe stop and chat with the neighbor….infuriating isn’t it?  Understand this – your body is not a manufacturing machine – it does not and will not succumb to the arrogant demands of productivity.  It doesn’t measure!  It just responds.  It simply wants to live.  The quality – is up to you.


So what do I do?

  1. Eat green whole foods.  Eating organic food which is as close to its natural form as possible provokes a body response – it answers you by increasing its immunity, organ performance and overall feeling of energy.
  2. Move – move the way you like to move – dance naked, swim in the ocean, roller skate, push your grandchild in his stroller, swing at the playground, walk in the woods, rake the yard – but move.  Move daily.
  3. Bring awareness to every situation.  Observe what you are saying and what you are thinking.  We think in words – but we are provoked by images. What does what you are looking at provoke in your mind?  What story are you telling?  Can you go a day without complaining?
  4. Ask yourself often when you feel frustrated or upset: What am I thinking?  What am I believing?  What am I making this out to be?
  5. Intend your day. No matter what – you are in charge – and what you are thinking about and focusing on is the driver of your creation – the quality and content of your day, your , week, your year, your life…

In doing all of this – you are developing a wonderfully  intimate relationship and mutual communication with your own body – the animated living form through which we experience our lives!  Let me tell you – it is so worth it!  I mean really – what’s the alternative?

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Shine on!


Maca, Maca, Maca!

Maca root is one of my favorite “super-foods” to quote David Wolfe, one of my health-foodie superheroes.  Why is it on my Body Luminous A List?  Well – let’s get to the chase in this Saturday morning quickie so you can get out do what you do – perhaps empowered by this ancient powdered friend to our good health!


This root belonging to the radish family, is grown in the mountains of Peru and  is most often used to promote sexual and reproductive health, but proponents also say it can increase endurance and energy levels, and can help to treat diseases ranging from depression to cancer.

Maca is rich in vitamin B vitamins, C, and E. It provides plenty of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and amino acids. Many of these are great anti-inflammatory agents – so this food pairs well within any food detox regimen.  I use it in my Body Luminous Detox Coaching program.

Maca is widely used to promote sexual function of both men and women. It serves as a boost to your libido and increases endurance. At the same time it helps to naturally balance hormone levels – as a “supporter” of your system – it is not a hormone itself.

Maca has been shown to relieve menstrual issues and menopause. It alleviates cramps, body pain, hot flashes, anxiety, mood swings, and depression.I myself use this every other day – only a teaspoon at the most and have found that it really works for night sweats and sleep!

Please note: If you are pregnant or lactating you should avoid taking maca.

 Many athletes take maca for peak performance and – as a friend to your adrenal system – it may also help in building and maintaining lean muscle mass which is great for metabolism boosting and your overall energy level – especially as we age .

If you find yourself tired most of the time, experiment with maca to see if it helps. Just a small amount could be exactly what you need for a boost!

Maca, because it is consumed unrefined, supplies natural and easily utilized iron, helping to restore red blood cells – which is a direct boost  to your aerobic stamina and your daily energy!  Red blood cells are the carriers – the delivery vehicle of oxygen in your body, so when your are running, hiking, yoga-ING or pumping iron, maca is helping you out by providing more of these valuable and talented cells!

How should it be consumed?

Enthusiastically!  But be sure to keep it in moderate amounts, for instance 1/2 teaspoon to start.It’s a “supplement” – it works with the rest of your body and your good whole food.  A little bit goes a long way.  Put it in smoothies, mix it in nut-butter, even make a tea with it!

Maca is best and most easily consumed in a powder – of course organic.  Smoothies are my fave way to use this health-foodie buddy  – so whip one up – and try it out!

Shine on!


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